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Rice Mill Maintenance

Most important part of whole rice milling process is rice mill machine. It is a grain processing equipment. Regular maintenance of Rice mill machinery  is needed to prolong service life of rice mill machines.

Let’s briefly introduce the maintenance of rice mills or we can say rice milling machine( because machinery plays  major roll in milling businesses).

Maintenance of Rice Mill Machine

To understand whole process of rice mill maintenance job, we divided maintenance in to sub tasks.

  • Regular Moisture Testing
  • Cleaning Whitening Room
  • Rice Mill Machinery Parts & supportive parts Checking
  • Regular Maintenance tasks

Regular Moisture Testing

In Rice Mills moisture control is primary task related to maintenance. Increase in moisture content of rice can increase broken rice quantity. Rice milling machine must maintain a certain degree of dryness. Moisture content should not exceed 14% & 15%.

Result of Ignorance

  • Increase in broken Rice grain
  • Affected rice quality
  • Increases Power Consumption

Cleaning Whitening Room

Rice Mill maintenance staff should pay attention to check scattered pieces of remains such as nails, stones and other impurities in the rice.

Result of Ignorance

  • Causes blockage in Whitening Room
  • Damage the rice screen

Rice Mill Machinery Parts & supportive parts Checking

Check the rice mill machine parts such as rice sieve, rice knife and cylinder core on regular basis also before starting the machine.

Result of Ignorance

  • If the bolts and nuts are loosen then accidents could happen
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Regular Maintenance Tasks

  • Turn the rice rubber roller before opening the rice processing machine to see if there is a card.
  • In Starting, Turn on the empty load to the normal speed, then pour the rice into the hopper, and pay attention to the operation of the rice mill at any time.
  • Every day, check machinery & supporting facilities, and resolve ASAP for uninterrupted rice mill operations.

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