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Rice Rubber Roller


Rice Rubber Roller

Rice Rubber Roller is used in rice mills for separating husk from rice. We are among the top rice rubber roller manufacturer in India. We are making all types of paddy dehusking rubber roll. The rubber roll for rice mill come in many different sizes.

We are Manufacturing Rice Mill Rubber rollers of numerous kinds: Rice Rubber Rolls with Aluminum SleeveRice Huller Rubber Rolls, Sleeve-14″ Rice Rubber Rolls, Lab Rolls, Rice Dehusking Rubber Rolls, Rubber Kick for TS25 (Chinese Type) and so on.

Our company makes all types of dehusking rice rubber rolls since rice huller rubber roller base is very important. some of the sizes we make are-

Rice Rubber Roller 10″

These type of rice mill rubber roll are till date best selling model everywhere in the world. These type of rolls drums are made of cast iron, mild steel, and best selling model aluminum drums. These type of rolls have the flame in the middle of the drum. We are making aluminum drum in a home which has excellent strength compared to drum available in the market.

To make final sizes of the drum we are doing it by CNC machine which gives excellent accuracy in term of sizes i.e length, O.P., I.D. & LI, etc.

Type rubber rolls
  • Raw and short grain – Broken Special
  • Raw and Long grain – 1121
  • Parboiled Long grain = Regular
  • Parboiled Short Grain – Premium
Based on the thickness of the rubber, We are Making two type :
  • 30mm: Jumbo
  • 25mm: Regular

Rubber Roll 6″

This type of Rubber Hulling Roll For Rice Mill is made of three models i.e.

  • Flange Type
  • Plain Type
  • Key Type

Rubber Roll 12″

12″ Rice Huller Rubber Roller is the latest innovation & these type of rice hulling rolls are gaining market share with each passing day. These type of rice hulling rubber rolls are generally made of aluminum & has a flange in the middle of the drum. Our company manufactures these drums of aluminum ourselves in the house which have excellent strength compared to drums sold in the market. The length of rolls is 304 mm ±1mm, rubber thickness is 25 ±1mm m outer diameter is 254 ±1mm We are making two types of Rice Husker Rubber Roll

  • Raw Boiled paddy
  • Parboiled Paddy

Rubber Roll 20″

This is till date biggest size of Rubber Roll Sheller used in rice mill as paddy dehusking rolls. The drum of these rice mill huller rolls are made of cast iron & therefore it is heavy. Due to flanges on both sides, this type of model is very difficult to be made on an aluminum sleeve. The best part of this mode of rolls is its huge milling capacity mainly due to its sheer size. Rubber thickness is 25mm, it’s length is 508mm ±1mm, outer diameter is 254 ±1mm. We are making this type of rolls in two types of models based on drum i.e.

  • For Raw and steam paddy
  • For Parboiled Paddy

Rubber Roll 14″

14″ rice mill rubber roller comes in two models. One model is generally made of iron and has flanges on both sides of drum & this model is a duplicate copy of 20″ except for its length. Another model is just like the biggest selling model that is 10″ and has a flange in the middle of the drum. this type of drum is generally made of both aluminum & iron. Rubber thickness is 25 ±1mm. length of rolls is 356″±1mm, outer diameter is 254 ±1mm We are making these type of rice hulling rolls are generally made for

  • For Raw and steam paddy
  • For Parboiled Paddy

Rubber Roll 8″

This type of Rubber Roller For Rice Mill is made of three models i.e.

  • Flange Type
  • Plain Type
  • Key Type
Flange type rolls are mounted by flange just like 10″ aluminum rolls Plain type rolls are made by wire netting base and are old type model pinned on a cylinder by rubber Key Type rolls have the key in the middle and piled on the cylinder by rubber. also old type.

Rice Rubber Roller Specifications

Rice hulling roll is one of the most important and required equipment in the hauling industry. And plays an important role in the rice manufacturing industries.

In a rice mill huller roller, there are two rollers of the same diameter attached. However, they operate at different speeds. The position of one of the rollers is fixed. Moreover, the other roller’s position is changed depending on the desired clearance.

The roller adjusted (for each milling cycle) has to run slower in comparison of the fixed roller operated at a higher speed. There is an aspirator attached at the base of the machine to separate the hulls from the brown rice.

Before indulging in any of the rubber roll for rice mill for all your needs, We need to know our rice mill rubber roller’s specifications


The rice rubber roller should be constructed of a durable material that can be selected for its oil and resistance properties. This gives a better yield and output of the material processed. A compounded rubber material provides

  1. The Roller With Strength,
  2. Resiliency,
  3. Temperature Resistance,
  4. Durability, Flexibility
  5. And The Capacity To Withstand All The Mechanical Stress And Forces.
  • A good bonding ability is required as the rubber should be separated from the steel shell.
  • The rubber roller should be made heat resistant so that it can handle high heats. It should also have low thermos plasticity and ensure the most durability.
  • The rice rubber roller should be made of a shelling capacity so that it can pass one cycle without breaking the rice.
  • The hardness of the rice rubber roller should depend on the quality of rice and should get maximum shelling efficiency. It should not lead to the forming of rice grains that are of smaller size.

Manufacturing Range

Rice Rubber Rolls SpecificationsDetails
Product Color Cream / Light Yellow
Raw material Nitrile Rubber (NBR)
Cost $25- $27 / Piece
Performance Long Lasting
Hardness 90-95 Shore A
Brand Name Gold Mohur
Length254 mm
Outer diameter254 mm
Rice Roller Application Paddy dehusk
Pattern Plain
Minimum Order Quantity ( MOQ) 100 Pieces
Rice Roller Drum TypeCast iron, Aluminum
Advantage Noise Free & Long Life
Delivery time15-20 Days
Rice Rubber Rolls SampleAvailable on Request
UsageRice milling
After-sales ServiceAvailable in India ( & 3rd Party Support Overseas)
How to OrderContact Sales Team
Packaging DetailsBox Packing
Roller Work NatureHuller

Rice Rubber Roller FAQs

What are the advantages of Hindustan Group rice rubber rollers?

Our rice mill rubber rolls carry several advantages over other's rice rubber rolls such as - Smooth Surface - Excellent in heat resistance and abrasion resistance - Less volatile vibrations - Strong bonding between rubber roller and cast drum

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