Innovative Solutions For Rice Milling Industry

We are known as ‘HINDUSTAN GROUP’. Our company was started by LATE SHRI SHYAM LAL GARG & he built the company from scratch. Our group is in the manufacturing of rice mill rubber rolls, chemicals (Phenol-Formaldehyde Resins) and vitrified grinding wheel.
Rice Rubber Roller
Rice Rubber Polisher

Our Group Companies are –

  1. Hindustan Rubber Industries
  2. Gold Mohur  Profiles Ltd.
  3. Hindustan Abrasives
  4. Bimel Resins Private Limited


Our Company’s aim is to be a leader in providing the best possible solutions to our customers and give them the best innovative product to help them boost their production and increase profits manifold

Bimel Resins Private Limited

We have stated to the art manufacturing facility to make P.F. Resin which is a very important raw material in the manufacturing of rice rubber roll.

P.F. Resin is used in rubber roll to increase its abrasion properties manifold as excellent wear & abrasion resistant. We are also the only company in the rice rubber rolls manufacturing world who are making this raw material since it has a very low shelf life and this gives best results only when it is used as fresh as possible.

We are also selling P.F.Resin to other brake shoes, automobile industry.

Rice Polishing Wheel
grinding wheels manufacturers in india

Hindustan Abrasives

We have put up a state to art technology plant for manufacturing of vitrified grinding wheel. We are today making wheels up to 1000 mm dia. These vitrified wheels are technically glass & are therefore made at a temperature as high as 1300 degree Celsius.

These Wheels are made of different types of grains namely.

  1. White aluminum Oxide Grain
  2. Pink aluminum Oxide Grain
  3. Brown aluminum Oxide Grain
  4. Black Silicon Carbide
  5. Green Silicon Carbide

These wheels are used in

Industrial: These wheels are of two types namely

  1. Precision Grinding Wheel
  2. Snagging Grinding Wheel

Precision Wheels are up to low grit & above & good for the very high grind.

Snagging Wheels are used for rough grinding



Shyam Lal Garg

Founder of the Company

Amit Garg

Amit Garg


Jatin Garg


Kshitij Garg

R & D Executive

Areas of Strength

Innovative Products

Innovative Products

Continuing with our efforts to make NEW and BETTER Products we have developed two new products for raw paddy and Parboiled Paddy!


This is our best selling product & this gives EXCELLENT results in terms of BROKEN of rice in RAW PADDY.


Our this product is giving excellent results in term of life of rolls for PAR BOILED PADDY

PF Resin

PF Resin

PF Resin is a very excellent and necessary product for rice ( rubber) roll as it gives excellent modules and abrasive properties to rubber. Due to its LOW SELF LIFE, we make it ourselves & we proud to say that we  are the only company in the globe to make this product ourselves.

Aluminium Drums

Aluminium Drums

The base of any product expected to give excellent results should have a strong base. We make aluminium Drums used in rubber rolls ourselves by provem die casting give out product excellent strength