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  • Rice Polishing Wheel

Rice Polishing Wheel

Rice polishing is necessary procedure in food processing & rice mill units. Rice polishing wheels are used in order to whiten rice grains.

Hindustan Group is manufacturing Rice Polishing Wheel for the purpose we have set up a state to art technology plant in Sonepat. We are manufacturing all types of whitener stone used in rice mills to polish the rice by VITRIFIED technology.

Vitrified technology is the same which is used to make glass and since rice is a very soft, hard material is required to remove the bran layer present on the surface of rice & give it a better and sale-able look.

What Makes Hindustan Group different from others ?

  • Whitening stones and wheels supply all over the world
  • Wide range of sizes to suit various machines available in market
  • Offers customized production facility to our customers
  • Large production facility in India ( Plant at Sonepat Haryana)

Rice Polishing Wheel’s Compatibility

Our Rice Polishing Wheels are suitable for all possible rice mill machinery. Hindustan Group offers rice polishing wheels for following rice mill plants.

  • Buhlet
  • Polo
  • Milltech Machinery
  • Satake
  • Suri
Rice Polishing Wheel for White rice in Mills
Rice Polishing Wheels by Hindustan Group

Product’s Silent Features

Hindustan Group is making whitener stone by using only Conical shaped grains which allow polish of rice at the lesser pressure, leading to less heat generation.


  • Better Whitening
  • More life of the Stone
  • Less Broken Rice
  • Wheels are individually balanced

Get Less Rice Breakage and the Whitest Rice

Looking for better productivity for your rice mill? Our rice polishing wheels are manufactured

to minimize rice breakage and better whiteness.