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Rice Rubber Rolls in Sri Lanka


Rice Rubber Rolls in Sri Lanka

Rice Mill Rubber Roller Manufacturer in Sri Lanka

Hindustan Group is offering  high quality & log life rice rubber rolls for your rice milling operations.

Paddy Dehusking Rubber Roller for Rice Mills 

Paddy dehusking rubber rollers manufacturer

To get white rice, rice millers need to dehusk Rice Paddy. In old days, this process of dehusking was done manually. In modern era- era of machines, rice mills use rubber rollers to dehusk rice paddy in mills.

Rice rubber rollers provide higher efficiency during dehusking process as well as breakage percentage of grain is very less compared to mechanical and manual dehusking process.

Hindustan Group is known for high quality, long life & durable rice rubber rolls in Argentina & other countries around the globe.

Sizes of Rice Rubber Roller

  • Rice Rubber Roller 10″
  • Rubber Roll 6″
  • Rubber Roll 12″
  • Rubber Roll 20″
  • Rubber Roll 14″
  • Rubber Roll 8″

Specifications – Rice Rubber Roller

  • Durability
  • High Efficiency
  • Resiliency
  • Flexibility
  • Capacity To Withstand All The Mechanical Stress And Forces

Photos- Rice Rubber Roller

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