Rice Rubber Roller Manufacturer
  • Get life upto 675 MT on Parboiled paddy
  • Very-very smooth running
  • Absolutely no noise while working
  • No vibration
  • 0% rejection

Hindustan Group is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified enterprise Manufacturer of rice rubber roller. We are one of the leading Manufacturer, suppliers & Exporters of paddy dehusking sheller roll. Our Group includes two huller/hulling/husker rubber manufacturing unit for rice mill.

Hindustan Group is manufacturing more than 1300 pieces of Rubber Roller for Rice Mill per day with in house manufacturing of Aluminium drum and cast iron drum. We are also exporting our goods to many ASIAN & SOUTH American countries.

Benefits of Hindustan Rice Rubber Roller/Rolls

  1. For RAW PADDY decrease your costs by using our 1121 Rice Huller Rubber Roller Which will give you saving of about 2-3% Broken Rice with the same life of the roll

  2. For PARABOILED PADDY decrease your costs by using our premium quality Rice Mill Rubber Roll which will give up to 25-30% more life compared to other NBR Rolls.

  3. All benefits without spending extra money since we are making all-important ingredient like Aluminium Drum, CI Drum & Resins.

  4. Reduce your machinery maintenance costs since our rolls very SMOOTH, due to its excellent heat resistant properties. Hence No NOISE as VIBRATION while using.