Rice Rubber Polisher

Rice Rubber Polisher

Rice Rubber Polisher are basically rectangular shaped long sticks and are generally made by natural rubber and Styrene-butadiene rubber as its basic raw material. In the Old model of rice whitening machines, big cones are used to polish the rice & other side polishers are used as brakes to stop the rice from flowing out of the machine. We are making all type of rubber polisher & they are generally made of natural & SBR

Rice Rubber Polisher Sizes

  1. 16 ✖ 1½ ✖ ½
  2. 18 ✖ 1½ ✖ 1½
  3. 20 ✖ 2 ✖ 2
  4. 18 ✖ 2 ✖ 2
  5. 18 ✖ 1½ ✖ 2
  6. 22 ✖ 2 ✖ 2
  7. 24 ✖ 2 ✖ 2

Rice Rubber Polisher Specification

There are basically three specifications of the Rubber polisher which we have discussed here:-

  • Rice Rubber Polisher is mainly some rectangular rods that are used to deliver high-end performance and polish rice grains at a fair price. These polishers give the rice a dazzling and shining appeal and create grains that are long lasting and doesn’t break easily. There are different grades of rice rubber polishers available in the market depending on the one that suits the production and processing types. It will deliver you with high-end results and doesn’t let the breakdown of the grain easily. It also helps in optimizing the costs of output ratios as well.
  • A good rubber polisher will help in making the most of the quality of the grains and also increases it in the process. It helps in performing many processes and polishes rice in the best manner. With the help of a polisher, you can easily go for the cleaning of the rice properly and enjoying the good grains produced in the process.
  • A rubber polisher improves the effectivity of the rice mills and plays one of the major roles in improving the quality of rice production. It is a perfect choice for rice mills who want to maintain a balance in their input and output ratio. There are various brands of rice rubber rollers available in the market and this is what aids in making the rice production much easy for sale and consumption.Through a good quality rubber polisher, you can easily increase the productivity and the accuracy of the rice grains in the market and target high prices for it. The high-end quality of the rice obtained from the rice rubber polisher plays an important role in deciding the final price of the rice sold in the market. The long grain rice is sold at a better rate than the small ones.

Hindustan Group is also manufactured premium High Life Rice Huller Rubber Roller & 1121 Rice Rubber Rolls

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Rice Rubber Polisher
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by Rahul Rana on Rice Rubber Polisher

very Good quality rice rubber polishers for rice milling use. Good service and product experience